Companies I Have Translated For

A partial list of the companies I have translated for
  • America Supply Corporation
  • Warner Brothers Studios
  • United Airlines
  • Herballife
  • ConAgra Frozen Foods
  • Martie
  • Import-export & international Services
  • Ecolab, Nu Skin, Synergy
  • Lehman Brother Corporation
  • Carmel Medical Evaluation Center
  • Law Office of Jon A. Schiewe
  • Canyon Medical Group
  • Office Depot
  • Shiva Internet Service Providers
  • Medicare
  • Advocacy Project
  • Pacific Asian Language Services (PALS)
  • Citibank Corp
  • Real TV & Believe it or not?
  • Translating Commercial advertisement (Spot advertisement)
  • Southern Capital Funding
  • True North Communications Inc. and its Subsidiaries
  • American Standard Companies, Inc. (Far East). etc.
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Contract between the Telephone Organization of Thailand, Ministry of Communications

Thai –> English

  • Translating Thai – English –  Questionnaires,  and written comments  from employee -employer (team management)
  • Purposes of setting up the company submitted to the Ministry of Commerce (Thai-English)


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